About Pastor

Dr. Leo Holt is Senior Pastor and Founder of Grace Christian Fellowship Church, now Resurrection Life Ministry. The church was founded in 1989. During his tenure in ministry, Bishop Holt has witnessed tremendous growth in his church congregation. The church membership has increased tremedously.
Bishop Holt's devotion to work of the ministry, coupled with his tenacity for excellence, has not only brought him great favor and respect among his congregation but also throughout the community. His motivational broadcasts on local radio stations and local television stations have garnered positive responses from the community.

A great portion of his vision is simply to help people realize their full potential and upgrade their standard of living. To a large extent, many of his goals have been accomplished through the progression of the Church. One segment of his vision (which has not yet come to fruition) extends to the elderly, who so often have been misplaced or forgotten by society and even their family members. He plans to build a housing complex for the elderly, with recreational and other modern conveniences. Such an environment will provide a safe haven of peace and allow them to mature gracefully.

Bishop Holt holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration, and a Masters and Doctorate in Theology. He is associated with some local as well as national organizations. He is an Advisory Board Member of Friends International Christian University. He is affiliated with ICCM, International Congress of Churches and Ministries.

Bishop Leo Holt is married to Brenda Holt. He is also the proud parent of four children: Tamara, Jonathan, Lydia and Melody.

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